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Hundreds of Thousands retake streets in Spain

On Sunday March 11th hundreds of thousands of labor reform protesters re-took the streets in more than 60 cities. The protesters are angry over new laws that govern agreements between eomployers and employees, Now placing local branch arrangements over more regional and national collective bargaining rights. Many see the austerity measures being pushed on the people as regression after decades of progress. These protests are seen as a warm up, or test, ahead of what organizers are calling a “General Strike” on March 29th.


Spain’s “Lost Generation”

In this report by Al Jazeera English a young man my age, 22, eats a meal paid for by the Spanish government before walking away into an abyss of unemployment and homelessness. Today, Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the EU with 22.9 percent of the Spanish population out of work. Moreover, 48.6 percent of youth under the age of 24 are jobless and many seek to leave Spain to find work where it might be available. One such place is Germany. As can be seen in the video, newly graduated youth take language courses to learn the German language before they head off in search of a more “job friendly economy.” However, for most young people in Spain moving out of the country is simply not an option due to financial constraints.

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